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what does it take for you to listen?
... something major? a hundred pages in an imprint?
… slaving in the basement and the kitchen
inhaling all the vapors from the shamans and the mystics
unstable and I'm waiting for the angels to come visit
no escaping your very own pain that you're inflicting
wavelengths and opinions flicker off the rocks
and just a whimper from the gods only fades into the distance
drink myself to ease, dream the Sun within reach
or in some distant galaxy, drunk on a beach
... unstitch reality, touching the seams
a glitch in the mound of feed from hundreds of weeks
of this little life in the burbs of the milky way
where we're all sick and tired of all the self decay
... where does it end? what is to come?
my buddy said, "Carbon" then adjusted the rug

it's not deep, it just is what it is
we stop breathing then our physics are shit
they're talk's cheap like, "You get what you give."
but raw speak: you only get what you get
… catch me walking for days in the trough of the wave
steady stalking the calling of the song that remains
and yes, I get it's all in my brain
the sound of her name, every war and the carnival games
... beat the odds and see tomorrow okay
but you can still see the con in my face
… like I believe that I can conquer the waste
a common mistake of a cog that's been playing his shitty part in the crank
I'm done sobbing, I want off of this plank
cuz if I fall in I'll probably sink
into the copies and comments of the bottomless popular ranks
before that I want shot in the face


from Rap With My Original Face, Otherwise Phony, released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Louis Mackey Boston, Massachusetts

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