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She Alone Is Seriously There

from by Louis Mackey

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what’s next? NOTHING.
I wanna collab with you like I wanna see my ex fucking
they say “you aren’t in line, you best buckle down!!”
the vultures circle far and wide, death’s coming now
… I got degrees that are obsolete
you think you’re crazy? but I probably got you beat
walk for blocks and blocks with soggy feet
all of Socrates’ philosophies never taught how to breath
… your education is a sedative
that works just amazing when it’s settled in
pathetic as pederast or predator blaming it on Oedipus
it’s all the same endless shit
give less than a fuck what my competitor does
you can’t ever sever my tongue, won’t let it be done
take my sessions and run to the edge of the precipice, lunge
into whatever’s to come

what if I don’t wanna build?
what if I only wanna kill ?
what if I don’t wanna build?
what if I only wanna kill ?

… fuck, all of it ... lying down on the road
wanna numb consciousness for an hour or so
enough time to wash the sin out of my bones
one light, shower at home, shroud in my robe
… fell and fed lions, rebel and kept trying
going thru endless Hell and just frying
and dude, man, you can never tell I’m upset by it
I just get myself and set fire
so...I don’t wanna see you breathe, share beers or beats
hear your beefs, conspiracies, fear or grief
spare me please, I could go without it, from here at least
an eerie shriek, Pyrrhic Victory
every word created .... to signify a lie
twist ‘em in a line and you get cyanide
with a side of Science, pride and a new ride to buy
you won’t find the time to find you’ve died inside

what if I don’t wanna build?
what if I only wanna kill ?
what if I don’t wanna build?
what if I only wanna kill ?


from Rap With My Original Face, Otherwise Phony, track released May 17, 2015
Produced by Louis Mackey
Mixed by M.Mocksary
Mastered by M.Mocksary



all rights reserved


Louis Mackey Boston, Massachusetts

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