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Self Sabotage

by Louis Mackey

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Created during the city-wide lock down of Boston during the Blizzard of 2015.


I’m just ridiculous, stabbing my own shadow
… a fucking idiot ... nothing I won’t battle
run from my goals, no wonder they don’t add up
or manifest, man I guess I’m one of those old assholes
A million and one rappers tried to slaughter this beat
catch them all in the street forgetting what they saw in their sleep
the religion of some clowns on a screen
while I’m dodging the fiends asking for a dollar or three
too wired to sleep too exhausted to bitch
eat these lies on repeat it’s the cost just to live
doesn’t matter what your competence or confidence is
you’re gonna lather quite the slick palm in your grift
catch the lines I’m dropping --- embellish a whole lot
after I pickpocket and sell you your own watch
… I’ve been awesome, no shelter if no chops
in Boston, Helter Skelter with no plot
stick up the whole place but see I’m holding a blank gun
dunno If I’m going crazy or if I’m the only the sane one

always knew I’ve…
been different since a little kid, mimicking the moonwalk
listening to Quincy rippin tunes thru my boombox
slipping on my tube socks, finishing my juice
waiting for 8 o’clock and the Simpsons on the tube, awesome
been rapping for years that really means nothing
every single scene fuck it, I can’t abide
… don’t have fantasize as the last man alive
million dollar taxi ride down the canyon side
jump out the van and fly, sit atop of angels
and figure out the angles for each and every plan of mine
yelling at the neighbor kids playing Taylor Swift
while we’re posted banging Slayer wasted, cable rigged
razor lips, mask off, Rap God atheist
… came and went and failed big
and I’m glad for it like amazing tits
trash talk your Dad’s song on Billboard’s latest list
I figure it fits for all you glittery fucks
well cuz if you didn’t exist then there wouldn’t be us
… If I even I get up… I'm putting in blood
busy in the sweatshop, not looking for love
and I’m a circus act too, a whirling baboon
in a surgeon’s mask, take the Bourbon flask, shoot
circle back through and learn the back room
serve you mad food while i surface scratch truth


vocals and lyrics written and performed by Louis Mackey (M.Raso)
engineered, mixed and mastered by Michael Mocksary




Louis Mackey Boston, Massachusetts

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