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take my time with a verse that’s why my rhymes are absurd
In spite of the curse of me trying to work it
... I see you motherfuckers dying of purpose
Think you're sly but on the side you're supplying the merchant
I’m only ever slightly moved
Older, better, live the life of blues
Take the knife and prune
Then sold the record
I know there’s degrees of ill
But I’m easily leaping hills
MC’s creeping like … “When is it that we can chill?”
I’m … not… listening
To your little weezy pop jay z slop, stop mimicking
All victims of the same old images
Fuck it all, kill your God with no witnesses
…. Guess I’m lucky that I’m fucking mad
Not just another motherfucker sucking ass
Rhyme lord, cyborg, on some sunshine pop
front side flop till the fun times stops
I am not what you think, think your philosophy stinks
All of your things make you a monster that breeds
Goblins that gobble up, problems? oh, we‘ve got enough
I’m fucking hobbling to get on the bus and I’ll be fucked
Our shitty logic little profits, it’s get obnoxious
Sitting watching idiotic bitchy gossip is toxic
Your pitch and octave is getting on my nervous system, stop it
a living Mothman, my brain is clicking
You care or not care?
Sorry partnah, there ain't a difference
Paint a picture, if you got there without words, stay evicted
I stay laying waste to wisdom
cuz all it did … was get me drunk
A little punk wishing for the shitty stuff I really didn’t want
…. watching the show … yo, you can get slaughtered at home
For profit and growth, drive a mall thru your throat
Cruise through the city where the homeless go no one knows
pretty patios where they used to overdose
So far passed our souls all bad
best give it all away cuz it goes all back, anyway


from Rap With My Original Face, Otherwise Phony, track released March 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Louis Mackey Boston, Massachusetts

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