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Death of You

by Thirtyseven & Louis Mackey

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for the upcoming No Humans Allowed EP by Louis Mackey and Thirtyseven


when monkeys want something, man, monkeys make a way
and that's the basic brain science behind the paper chase
some Asian nation gets a generation laid to waste
just another number in the database of Satan's banks
...yeah, i got a problem if you're rockefeller funded
like you never wondered how your daily bread was getting buttered
the fed gets together, the matter is debated
and a couple billion bucks is just magically created
funny, right? yeah, this whole economy is comedy
used to watch and weep, nowadays it doesn't bother me
stopped starting arguments and messing with the herd
we get what we deserve, right? let the system burn
live and learn, people say, people never do it though
twist and turn, squeeze my way out and hit the studio
stupid stoned, just to fund a daily dime habit
but it's either die laughing, or waste my time rapping
...I do not get the plot...I am getting the gist, though
you better recognize yours the same second it clicks
cuz in the end you gotta settle for whatever you did
kid, I do not have the answers, I am not selling you...
if you disagree, pretty please, dweeb...move along
you're the mutant spawn of some Fox News Super-Mom, I know...
yeah, if only it was up to you...justice, truth and
good homes for all the little puppies, too
I'm fucking through with this country, done with being with being white, too
I'm not dumb, I'm being lied to and it's fucked with me since high school,
like fine, dude, you see it how it needs to be seen
to sleep without dreaming for weeks, if you see what I mean
probably not, with your fraudulent god calling your shots
something more than nothing, but it's all that you've got
the funniest part is how you think you're thinking and stuff
and that's the reason Louis Mackey's always drinking too much
and that's the reason that emcees can just settle for being decent
and bleed to death with steady forgettable free releases
the death of you, reality check to get the message through


released September 5, 2010
Produced By Louis Mackey
Recorded and Mixed by Custom for Custom Landscaping


all rights reserved


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