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Rap With My Original Face, Otherwise Phony

by Louis Mackey

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Produced and written by Louis Mackey
Mixed by M.Mocksary
Mastered by M.Mocksary


released October 1, 2016

Produced and written by Louis Mackey
Mixed by M.Mocksary
Mastered by M.Mocksary
Art by K.Tierce at The Memetic Supply Co.



all rights reserved


Louis Mackey Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Infinite Wingspan
take my time with a verse that’s why my rhymes are absurd
In spite of the curse of me trying to work it
... I see you motherfuckers dying of purpose
Think you're sly but on the side you're supplying the merchant
I’m only ever slightly moved
Older, better, live the life of blues
Take the knife and prune
Then sold the record
I know there’s degrees of ill
But I’m easily leaping hills
MC’s creeping like … “When is it that we can chill?”
I’m … not… listening
To your little weezy pop jay z slop, stop mimicking
All victims of the same old images
Fuck it all, kill your God with no witnesses
…. Guess I’m lucky that I’m fucking mad
Not just another motherfucker sucking ass
Rhyme lord, cyborg, on some sunshine pop
front side flop till the fun times stops
I am not what you think, think your philosophy stinks
All of your things make you a monster that breeds
Goblins that gobble up, problems? oh, we‘ve got enough
I’m fucking hobbling to get on the bus and I’ll be fucked
Our shitty logic little profits, it’s get obnoxious
Sitting watching idiotic bitchy gossip is toxic
Your pitch and octave is getting on my nervous system, stop it
a living Mothman, my brain is clicking
You care or not care?
Sorry partnah, there ain't a difference
Paint a picture, if you got there without words, stay evicted
I stay laying waste to wisdom
cuz all it did … was get me drunk
A little punk wishing for the shitty stuff I really didn’t want
…. watching the show … yo, you can get slaughtered at home
For profit and growth, drive a mall thru your throat
Cruise through the city where the homeless go no one knows
pretty patios where they used to overdose
So far passed our souls all bad
best give it all away cuz it goes all back, anyway
Track Name: Sunday Morning Murder
I’m huffin’ gasses, running backwards up the chasm
if nothing matters it doesn’t add up
but what’s in asking? cuz my tongue is blackened
by dumb semantics fumble fragments just in passing
it’s all really just want I wanna hear
which is silly cuz it’s billy clubbed in one then out the other ear
understand I’m unaware by choice;
just a sound ....nothing there but noise
little doubt that getting down is easy
flipping out and flipping on the teevee
electric sizzle slither scissor snip
isn’t different now you dick around, repeating
a new opinion you found with meaning … yeah whatever
the greasy slides of your piece of mind snap back together
Easy Ein-stein ... I babble better
tagged and tethered badass lab rat professor
… rather leave it than love it
I know I’m not far and don’t need what you’re plugging
an odd ball with ether steeped fever dreams bleeding a budget
speak for the least that’s among us
got a million different faces and none of them true
at the end of the day, it’s just something to do
You're never betrayed if you don't front it as you
the less that it weighs on me when I’m up in my room
been a strange visit ... brain shifted eight inches
remain the same but stay different
… won’t waste my whole day racing to a fake finish line
I’ll take no stake in it, fine
can’t exchange it for peace,
strangling angles for a way I could sleep
making believe I’ve real failures and dreams
but I know that steel gate that I keep is open any day of the week
Track Name: She Alone Is Seriously There
what’s next? NOTHING.
I wanna collab with you like I wanna see my ex fucking
they say “you aren’t in line, you best buckle down!!”
the vultures circle far and wide, death’s coming now
… I got degrees that are obsolete
you think you’re crazy? but I probably got you beat
walk for blocks and blocks with soggy feet
all of Socrates’ philosophies never taught how to breath
… your education is a sedative
that works just amazing when it’s settled in
pathetic as pederast or predator blaming it on Oedipus
it’s all the same endless shit
give less than a fuck what my competitor does
you can’t ever sever my tongue, won’t let it be done
take my sessions and run to the edge of the precipice, lunge
into whatever’s to come

what if I don’t wanna build?
what if I only wanna kill ?
what if I don’t wanna build?
what if I only wanna kill ?

… fuck, all of it ... lying down on the road
wanna numb consciousness for an hour or so
enough time to wash the sin out of my bones
one light, shower at home, shroud in my robe
… fell and fed lions, rebel and kept trying
going thru endless Hell and just frying
and dude, man, you can never tell I’m upset by it
I just get myself and set fire
so...I don’t wanna see you breathe, share beers or beats
hear your beefs, conspiracies, fear or grief
spare me please, I could go without it, from here at least
an eerie shriek, Pyrrhic Victory
every word created .... to signify a lie
twist ‘em in a line and you get cyanide
with a side of Science, pride and a new ride to buy
you won’t find the time to find you’ve died inside

what if I don’t wanna build?
what if I only wanna kill ?
what if I don’t wanna build?
what if I only wanna kill ?
Track Name: Silex Scintillans
what does it take for you to listen?
... something major? a hundred pages in an imprint?
… slaving in the basement and the kitchen
inhaling all the vapors from the shamans and the mystics
unstable and I'm waiting for the angels to come visit
no escaping your very own pain that you're inflicting
wavelengths and opinions flicker off the rocks
and just a whimper from the gods only fades into the distance
drink myself to ease, dream the Sun within reach
or in some distant galaxy, drunk on a beach
... unstitch reality, touching the seams
a glitch in the mound of feed from hundreds of weeks
of this little life in the burbs of the milky way
where we're all sick and tired of all the self decay
... where does it end? what is to come?
my buddy said, "Carbon" then adjusted the rug

it's not deep, it just is what it is
we stop breathing then our physics are shit
they're talk's cheap like, "You get what you give."
but raw speak: you only get what you get
… catch me walking for days in the trough of the wave
steady stalking the calling of the song that remains
and yes, I get it's all in my brain
the sound of her name, every war and the carnival games
... beat the odds and see tomorrow okay
but you can still see the con in my face
… like I believe that I can conquer the waste
a common mistake of a cog that's been playing his shitty part in the crank
I'm done sobbing, I want off of this plank
cuz if I fall in I'll probably sink
into the copies and comments of the bottomless popular ranks
before that I want shot in the face
Track Name: Daytime Auguries
never not ready, forever rock steady
not even thee D E T clever cops get meh
they're stepping outta vans with weapons in their hands
but its nothing kid cuz I dipped seconds in advance on some “Catch Me If You Can”
expenditures and plans, messages from fans Texas to Japan
… got threats from executives in France
but you can view the of birth of the universe etched into my hands
yeah, I did a lot of bitching ... young in denial
so I figured I could listen like … once in a while
though switching my position really wasn’t my style, though
so I fit it where it fit in, I’ll let YOU wander around
De Sade with a day job and I’ll live it like my Last Day
… break laws both physical and man made
.. I get chainsawed and fix it with a bandaid
giggling with my brain out, limping with a smashed face

(chorus break)

… mawl this raw production
they never saw it coming like when the Wall St Market plummets
so what if our constant suffering’s all for nothing?
some product puppets got you buzzing, excited to bleed
… vitamin C deficiency
the bleak misery ... of a straight week winter freeze
no God to give a shit, no sweet epiphany
this is probably it, college kids, all these shitty drinks
… frigid streets at six degrees
and symphonies of byzantine reasons we’re not getting g’s
so let the wicked sleep …
while we’re sweating it out in the Adrenaline House, forever in doubt
the stoic kids broke as shit and Death isn’t proud
it’s indifferent like the system that’s spitting you out
so set it up … and I’ll be done when I get a buzz
and watch now become a past that never was
Track Name: Waiting For You
(Louis Mackey)

fuck your grandpa

fuck your grand marnier

(Elder Orange)

You wanna roll bigger?
You wanna get higher than high?
You wanna chase paper?
You gotta show everybody whose in charge.

You gotta roll bigger,
if you wanna look down at the stars.
You gotta get money,
show everybody just how fucking great you are.

You wanna be happy?
I'm talking bout' happy....

Cause don't you know everyone here's waiting for you.

(Louis Mackey)

You .. say it's not competition then, I'm playing pretend
when you're monthly taking off via Mercedes Benz
to vacation spots on the Cape with your friends
I’m up in Salem’s Lot putting Satan to bed
Where's my number? is there something up with the stats?
You scummy motherfuckers yuk it up while ya can
we’re coming up from the cracks with shovels and bats
clubs and a stash of money up under the mattress
no sending me home, I’m not going away
speak what everyone knows and fucking no one’ll say

I know the road isn’t cake or have gold in the paint
I won’t go to the grave knowing our owner’s are safe
Coca-a-Cola your veins, Toyota your brakes
plus your holdings are staked so no one escapes
stock quotes on the take so if it goes to the drain
son, we sold you to Spain’ fore the close of the day
how you like that? sit and smile and take it!
whatever side that you’re playing, provide us with payment
for the miles of wasted pylons and pavement
trash piled high in the sky and the basement
and if something remains, well
I guess that it can only be four or three fucking functioning brain cells

(... murder murder murder
kill kill kill …)